Best Affordable Entry Level Full Frame DSLRs

09 November, 00:33, by Michael Mollet

Clicking away at objects is a fan favourite for many people: that includes would-be photographers and professional shutterbugs. It’s picking up lately with the arrival of relatively low priced numbers from the big names in the camera business. This, paired with both beginner friendly features and pro level perks make the DSLR a much wanted tool for recreation, serious hobbies and professional work.

There are undoubtedly so many things to consider in buying a camera. Photo quality, color capability, handling, weather resistance, shooting preferences, lighting sensitivity, adaptability and those are few things that haven’t even scratched the surface. Sure, it can be dizzying to know all of these in just one lesson,  but the DSLR’s are being more modest in explaining their features to would-be buyers and users.

Entry level DLSR’s are affordable and widely used nowadays. Case in fact, the Nikon D800 and the Canon Mark III. The two fare quite good in all aspects especially in price and utility. A closer look without the jargon of shutterbugs and pro photogs and enthusiasts can clearly show you the pros and cons of the two.

Early on, the reviews about the two cameras are looking great. Both cameras boast clocking in on great quality images when it comes to color, clarity and sharpness. The main difference between the two is the interface that you’d probably have to work on. As many camera geeks would know, both companies use their own interface. Along with this, the look of the camera varies slightly from each other but not in bad ways. Though, the D800 has an advantage of additional MP’s over the EOS Mark III. Both cameras can be used extensively in longer shoots when paired with a battery grip and some extra camera batteries pack, improving both battery longevity and handling since it can be used as an additional handle with shutter.

Both cameras have a good camera battery unit that can be extended as said earlier. This makes both camera models a good pick for starters and upgrading photographers. Maybe the only downside to the Canon Mark III from the D800/ D800E is the 500 dollar price difference. This, paired with a fuzzy jpeg shooting setting and outcome is probably the most common nitpick when looking at the two choices.

All in all, the cameras in comparison are good in almost all aspects. In a nut shell, the feature rich models all go with every photographer’s needs and specialization. Clearly, the designers from both companies have put in a lot of effort and thought in the making of the models. Quick and easy shooting with the sensitivity and beautiful complexity of expert shooting make both cameras a viable option for anyone who’s looking for good equipment and with a few dollars to spare.

Environment-friendly motorcycles in the market

31 October, 05:32, by Michael Mollet

People around the globe have been starting to pay attention on their environment. Various industries such as motorbike and motorcycle manufacturing industry have been finding ways to improve their craft but at the same time help the environment. Electric bikes and alternative-fuel motorcycles have been introduced in the market for almost two years, but it has not been noticed until now. There is a current hype on everything that is eco-friendly and it has caused good impact to products such as these. Aside from its fuel-efficiency, eco-friendly bikes have cool and modern designs that are very popular for motorcycle riders and hobbyists alike. Creators of these bikes are pushing everything to the limits, making them extremely desirable for everybody. These bikes will definitely set the standards for motorcycle designs in the future. Here are the three outstanding eco-friendly motorbike designs in the market:

1. ENV Fuel Cell Bike

This motorcycle is hydrogen-powered, runs on a removable fuel cell and its engine does not make any unnecessary noise. ENV takes pride on the fuel cell of this unit, since it uses a proton-exchange membrane and a hydrogen tank that will last about 100 miles without charge.

2. Yamaha Tesseract

This motorcycle that is manufactured by Yamaha, one of the leading motorcycle brands in the world, is very impressive. It is powered by a liquid cooled V-twin engine with an electric motor. Its design is also modern and takes the riding experience in a whole new level.

3. Suzuki Crosscage Concept

Suzuki has once again proven how creative and advanced they are when it comes to motorcycle designs. This motorcycle is run with hydrogen gas and lithium ion batteries. Motorcycle hobbyists and critics call this model as a “superhero’s bike” because of all these features.

However, if you are on a budget and do not have enough funds to purchase yourself an eco-friendly motorcycle, you can just easily purchase motorcycle accessories from trusted retailers. There are motorcycles accessories in the market that can help motorcycle riders to save fuel. Acewell 100 Ohm Fuel sender will prevent any fuel leakage. It is also easy to install—you just need to make a circular incision on the top of your fuel tank and then fasten it to outer part of your tank. S3 speed sensor cable is also a good motorcycle accessory to get to track your speed and to not waste your fuel. Temperature sensors are also vital to maintain the right coolant temperature of your motorcycle. All of these motorcycle accessories are available at S3 Performance and other trusted retailers.

Molletphoto and Bicycles Online Join Forces To Promote Sustainable Living

03 August, 04:36, by Michael Mollet


The buzz surrounding hybrid bicycles has increased greatly in cycling circles during the past few years; so what is so special about these types of bicycles that have driven their increase in popularity and could aid sustainable living?

In a nutshell, hybrids incorporate characteristics of mountain and road bikes to create another type of bicycle entirely. The idea is that hybrids make use of the disc or linear pull brakes, triple crank, and the handlebars of mountain bike designs, to give a better riding posture; while incorporating road bike wheel elements such as a wider rim and tyres, such as the 700c wheel diameter. Take these specifications from both bike types and hybrids are considered to be very stable and reliable forms of transportation that you can be used either on dirt trails or on tar roads – making them suitable for every terrain, everyday riding.

There are a handful of different types of hybrid bicycles available to purchase, depending on your needs. Here is some information on different types of hybrid bicycles to help you find one which suits your requirements:

Commuter Hybrid Bikes are perfect if you’re planning to ride to work. The enclosed chainguards make it fairly easy to use these commuter bikes to cycle from your home to the office – this basically means that your dressy slacks are safe from chains!

City Bikes are similar to the commuter hybrid bikes and are best suited to riding around the city, as the name implies. Their sturdy tires allow you to easily maneuver on roads; and enclosed chainguards and suspension forks help you jump off of potholes or curbs. Both types of hybrid bikes may have front and rear lighting systems, which is very useful for night-riding.

Trekking Bikes are best for joining bicycling tours. They give the rider a relaxed sitting position, without compromising proper riding posture. The handlebars could be straight, much like the ones on mountain bikes; however it is more common for trekking bikes to have the butterfly-shaped handlebars, providing more choice on grip.

Comfort Bikes have wide saddles and front suspension forks, allowing this bicycle to live up to its name and provide the most comfortable riding experience for cyclists.

So what does all this have to do with sustainable living, you ask? Using a hybrid or electric bicycle as an alternative mode of transport is a fantastic way to help create a self-sustainable world, particularly since these types of bicycles combine different technologies and equipment to make regular riding comfortable, safe and innovative. In short – riding a bicycle over driving your car, is the perfect way to make a commitment to living a sustainable life.

In the spirit of this, Molletphoto is happy to introduce Bicycles Online as one of our newest sponsors. When Bicycles Online approached us, we thought it was a great way to promote using bicycles as a way to help the environment.  Not only will we see a reduction in greenhouse gases and air pollution if more people begin using bicycles more often, but it is a way of self-sustaining which Bicycles Online and Molletphoto are proud to be supporting together; so if you want to change your lifestyle today and ditch using transport which is harmful to the environment, Bicycles Online can help you make that commitment by helping you find a bicycle and bike accessories to suit the lifestyle you want!


31 Creative Uses for Business Cards – An infographic from Vistaprint

25 June, 06:51, by Michael Mollet

When Vistaprint asked me to publish this infographic I checked to see their stance on environmentally friendly printing solutions. Sure enough, they’re one of the good guys! You can read more about their environmentally friendly business cards and postcards here.

The Importance of Environmental Sustainability

25 June, 06:45, by Michael Mollet

Environmental sustainability is making its presence felt—from furniture, office supplies, home designs, and even vehicles. However, why has environmental sustainability been a concern as of late?

For several years, we have heard about the ozone layer breaking down.  The ozone layer is responsible for absorbing the hazardous ultraviolet rays.  Hence these ultraviolet rays will enter the surface of the planet with the deterioration of the ozone layer.  Without this protective layer, humans will get several diseases like skin cancer and certain eye problems.  We are not only facing health problems when ultraviolet rays enter the planet.  According to studies, an increase in the number of natural disasters like flash floods, heat waves, and hurricanes is also possible if the ozone layer continues to deteriorate.

As a result, environmental sustainability was discussed during a United Nations conference in 1987. It was agreed on that environmental sustainability is a form of development that caters to certain needs of the current race, without placing the needs of the future race in danger.  However, the current population is growing in numbers.  A rise in the population results to the use of more and more available resources.  Unfortunately, not all available resources grow in numbers.  It actually decreases. This puts the sustainability of the future race in compromising situations. Imagine using up all the available resources that we have today. Where would that leave the future generations?

It is through this awareness that helps this generation to properly consume the resources around them. Through sustainability, we aim to use less of these resources.  It is also a goal to be able to restore these resources that we have used.

Environmental sustainability also encourages reusing and recycling materials. Moreover, it indirectly promotes creativity and resourcefulness.  Designers are challenged to come up with new concepts that will promote sustainability among its users.  Carbon footprints are also now considered when designing products.  More often than not, you can see eco-friendly products being sold—be it for personal, home, or office use.

Going green comes with a price though.  It is a lifestyle change for those who have decided that supporting the environment is the life for them.  Organic food costs more than your usual daily source of sustenance.  The same can be said with eco-friendly furniture and gadgets.  However, one shouldn’t be put off by the price difference. Remember,  going green will help this generation and the coming generations to survive for a longer period of time.

In Australia, several large companies such as nib have relationship with environmental charities to plant trees for each travel insurance package that is sold and its up to us to save the next generation by going green.

The Environmental Impact of Discarded Printer Cartridges

25 June, 06:44, by Michael Mollet

The invention of printers has made sharing documents a lot easier. However, printers cannot function properly without one of its major components–the ink or toner printer cartridges. Without this valuable part of the printers, producing copies of the documents will be futile since these cartridges serve as the storage space for the ink or toner that will be used on the paper for printing. Also, these cartridges can hold various colors of ink or toner–from magenta, cyan, yellow, and black. Incidentally, printers usually make use of two different printer cartridges. One of which holds the black ink toner and the other cartridge is responsible for the other three colors. In some other printer brands, each color makes use of separate printer cartridges.

The type of ink or toner cartridge you need will depend on the printer you are using. Remember, there are compatibility issues to be taken note of. Hence, it is important that you always check the brand and model number of the printer you are using before purchasing new ink and toner printer cartridges.

It takes a while before you can finish the contents of your printer cartridges. Once you need new ones, you can either buy directly from the manufacturer or approach other third party stores selling the printer cartridges that you need. Also, there are stores that sell these replacement printer cartridges online. Either way, it will be fairly easy for you to replace the cartridges.

Unfortunately, there are instances that going directly to the manufacturer will cost you more. Hence, it is an option to approach other sellers who can recycle and refill used printer cartridges. This way, you can be sure to save on some cash. Not only that, you can even do your share in protecting the environment.

Let’s face it, printer cartridges are made up of plastic materials. It would be such a shame if you throw them away without even thinking about the hazards they could do to the environment. This, probably, used to be the case when the world wasn’t paying too much attention to recycling and the importance it does for the planet.

Nowadays, more and more parties, be they individuals or organisations, are becoming more aware about being environmental-friendly. This is also the case with printer cartridges. Most, if not all, printer manufacturers are encouraging the users to return their old printer cartridges.

Not surprisingly, the same thing can be said of the third party printer cartridges suppliers. You can approach them; have your old printer cartridges refilled; save some cash; and have taken part in preserving the planet.

There are several third party printer cartridge suppliers; one of them is Cartridges Direct. They resell original and compatible printer cartridges so you are assured of the quality of the ink or toner that you are getting. Not only that, they have fast and great service. They can even offer free same or next day delivery. The best part is they are also doing their part in saving the planet. If you are interested, Cartridges Direct’s Cartridges Return Program information can be found here:

Mollet Photo Teams up With Cartridges Direct

25 June, 06:43, by Michael Mollet

Cartridges Direct is known as one of Australia’s premium reseller of original and compatible printer supplies. Whether you require a printer cartridge for the printer that is in your home or a nice fancy corporate laser printer in your office, they should have the right cartridge for you in stock or they will do their best to get it for you. Their goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products, highest level of service at the most affordable prices. Cartridges Direct is dedicated to operate with honesty and integrity so that your total satisfaction is guaranteed.

Cartridges Direct is proud to be a registered reseller of HP Australia products. They also distribute all popular original printer and copier consumables. Cartridges Direct has over 3,000 different models of cartridges so you can be confident that they have the right cartridge for you.

Cartridges direct is also totally committed to the reuse of products. If a product can be successfully remanufactured they will always recommend this. Not only does this method prevent a perfectly good reusable product from being disposed of in landfill it will also be more cost effective for the consumer.

Now Cartridges Direct has recently joined forces with Mollet Photo to help tackle increasing environmental issues. Their goal is to significantly reduce the amount of used printer cartridges that end up in landfills. Recycling used printer cartridges is cost effective and helps in keeping used printer cartridges from being thrown away carelessly.  To return used cartridges simply call Cartridges Direct and their friendly staff will supply you with a collection box for your use.

Mollet photo and Cartridges Direct will be giving rewards to customers who reach a certain amount of cartridges sent in for recycling.  So customers can help save the environment and get personal benefits as well for their time and effort.  The collaboration looks to be a success since a lot of people are always looking for ways to contribute in making our environment a better place.